GLAD® We Love Our Food

It’s a given - we love our food, we always have and we probably always will. So here’s a question, why do we continually waste so much of it?

Only in the last century we rationed food during wartime yet now that we’re spoilt for choice and convenience we’ve begun to care less about our food and what we do with it and how we use it. It’s become disposable (and not in the right way).

Our behaviour towards our food has dramatically changed and now many of us don’t bat an eyelid when we throw food away that’s still useful.

GLAD loves food more and wants to waste less.

We know too much household food is wasted unnecessarily, spoiling before it gets used and we believe in keeping good food good - for longer. We’d like to see New Zealanders make the most of the food they buy, and not waste money or feel guilty about having to throw it away.

Did you know that on average 1/3 of the food we buy goes to waste! The Waste Not consulting report found that a staggering $872 million dollars worth of edible food is thrown away every year that’s 122,547 tonnes. With fresh vegetables being the largest food waste group (by weight) comprising 28% of all food waste.*

So if you spent $200 on shopping a week that’d be $67 you’d potentially be throwing away! WOW!

That’s why GLAD keeps good food good.

We genuinely care about protecting your food and think some of these simple yet often forgotten ideas from Lovefoodhatewaste may help you reduce waste and keep your food fresher longer. Give them a go!

  • Compost food scraps – your garden will love you for it.
  • Make a worm farm – the kids can help with this one.
  • Check the temperature of your fridge – it might actually be too warm.
  • We all know bulk buying is cheaper, try spending more time after you shop in putting your food into containers or plastic bags, for each portion, and freeze – then you won’t be tempted to cook everything up and potentially waste food which is uneaten.
  • Leave packaging on your fruit and veg until ready to eat – it’s designed to protect. Alternatively wrap fruit & vegetables in Glad Cling Wrap, or store in one of our Glad Storage Containers.
  • Close food item packets when you’ve finished – keeping the freshness in. Or store them in Glad Snaplock Storage bags, for an airtight seal.
  • Re-wrap things when you’ve used them – to avoid spoilage
  • Freeze things until you’re ready to eat them. GLAD Freezer bags or GLAD MatchWare containers are perfect for freezing.

*(New Zealand Food Waste Audit Report 2015)

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