Cleaning Hacks brought to you by CHUX®

Cleaning the house, it’s not something many of us look forward to but we know it needs to be done. We can’t all afford to get cleaners in to do the work so products that make the job quicker and easier are always a bonus.

CHUX® comes to the rescue, with our full range of cleaning products to help you around your home, plus we have some handy cleaning tips that’ll mean more time to do the things you really enjoy.

In the bathroom

Stop those mirrors fogging up every time someone jumps in the shower, regularly rub a dry bar of soap lightly over the glass surface, then rub with a clean & dry CHUX® Superwipe! The layer of soap on the mirror will help prevent the fog from condensing & should last through a few mirrors cleans as well!

In the kitchen

Ever been stumped about how to clean those hard to reach places like under the fridge, corners of windows and between cupboards? Try this, wrap a CHUX® Superwipe® cloth around a butter knife and away you go.

And here’s a nifty trick, place a damp CHUX® Superwipe® cloth under your chopping board to stop it from slipping and sliding.

Oops, there’s food splatter in the microwave again, simply dampen a CHUX® Magic Eraser® block to remove the grease and grime without having to use any chemicals - or elbow grease!. Then wipe it down after with a CHUX® Absorbent Cloth for a streak-free finish.

Here’s the big one no one enjoys - cleaning the oven. Even those 3 words make you cringe at the thought of this arduous, time-consuming chore. We’ve got something that can help, CHUX® Steel Wool. These steel wool pads are embedded with soap (which has no phosphorus) meaning no need for the strong overpowering smell of oven cleaners. Simply wet the pad, scrub the oven then wipe clean with a CHUX® Robuste Cloth. Easy.

In the car

Young kids get really messy when you're travelling, who knows how - but they do. So here's a clever idea just place some damp Superwipes® in a GLAD® SNAP LOCK bag - and hey presto!, home-made (chemical free) wet wipes!

Other Ideas for quick touch ups around the home

Unsightly marks and scuffs on skirting boards & light switches aren’t a problem for a CHUX® Magic Eraser® block. Just wet it and rub the marks away with ease.

Are your kids’ white sports shoes looking a bit worn out? A few minutes with CHUX® Magic Eraser will bring them back to life and looking bright and new.

We love our pets but they sure do shed a lot of fur. You can remove pet hair from furniture and fabrics by running our CHUX® Re-Usable Gloves over the surface.

A CHUX® Non-Scratch Scouring Sponge and some detergent can remove stubborn stains from the sole of your iron and other non-stick / Teflon® surfaces meaning no more marks onto your clothing.

There’s so many fantastic uses for our cleaning products, who knows you might discover something new this weekend. We’d love to hear your cleaning tips!

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