Summer Ice Cream Pudding

This summer treat is decadent and delicious – and with the help of GLAD®, really simple too.


  • 2 litres good quality chocolate or vanilla ice cream
  • 100g nougat, chopped
  • 1 packet Maltesers
  • 1 cup mini marshmallows
  • 12 pieces Cadbury Crunchie Bar
  • 1/2 cup white choc chips
  • 100g Turkish delight, roughly chopped


  1. Spray a 2 litre pudding basin or glass mixing bowl with cooking spray. Lay 2 long pieces of GLAD Wrap crossed over into the bowl, keeping it as smooth as possible. Use a tea towel to smooth the wrap down if need be. Ensure you leave plenty of GLAD Wrap overlapping the edges of the bowl to cover the pudding later.
  2. Leave the ice cream out of the freezer to soften. It should not be too liquid, or the lollies will all end up at the bottom of the basin.
  3. Place the Maltesers and Crunchie Bars into a GLAD Snaplock Bag, seal and lightly crush with a rolling pin.
  4. Carefully stir all the sweets into the ice cream in a large glass bowl. Pour mixture into the lined pudding basin and fold the excess GLAD Wrap over the top to seal. Freeze for around 3 hours or until very firm.
  5. When ready to serve, turn the pudding onto a cold plate. Remove the 2 pieces of GLAD Wrap.
  6. Cut into wedges with a very sharp knife dipped in hot water and cleaned after each cut. Put any leftovers straight back into the freezer.

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