MONO® Waxed Paper

Mono® Waxed Paper is a waxed coated kraft paper that provides a wet proof surface for the wrapping of food - especially sandwiches for lunch!

Not recommended for use in the Oven, can be used in the Microwave.

How to wrap a Sandwich in Mono waxed paper:

  1. Tear off a piece that is approximately 50% longer than the width of the paper & put the Sandwich in the middle
  2. Pull the top and bottom (non-torn) edges of the paper together in the middle over the Sandwich so the edges are both facing upwards (pinch them between your fingers)
  3. Roll the joined edges a couple of times until they are flat
  4. Rotate the sandwich 90 degrees and line up torn edges together facing upwards
  5. Roll these torn edges down in the same way as the first edge
  6. Flatten the rolled seam down and tuck the loose sides on both ends underneath to make two pockets which locks the paper in place

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