MONO® Magic® Non-Stick Foil

In November 2014, we sent out Mono Magic Non-Stick Foil to 5000 consumers to test in their own homes, and were awarded a Black Box Gold Award! 90% of people that tried it would recommend it to others.

MONO® Magic® Non-Stick Foil has a special coating which prevents food from sticking without added fat or oil. Even sticky or delicate foods like baked-on cheese or roast chicken skin lift off with ease.

MONO Magic Non-Stick Foil can withstand temperatures up to 340C, so it’s ideal for lining oven trays, grill trays, BBQ hotplates, and even sandwich or grill presses. It’s also great for parcel cooking, covering food when entertaining or separating portions before freezing.

Ensure you place the dull-non-stick side next to food and then use as you would any MONO Foil.

Allow food to cool completely before covering with foil and storing in the fridge or freezer.

CAUTION: food high in salt and/or acid (e.g. lemon juice & tomato paste) may cause discoloration and holes in aluminium foil. To prevent this from occuring, lightly coat the foil with cooking oil prior to use.

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