MONO® Foil

MONO® Foil is ideal for cooking, baking, barbecuing and lining grillers, minimising mess when cooking, leaving more time to spend with family and friends. Use MONO Aluminium Foil as a protective shield for fish, poultry or meat in the oven or as food parcel minimising mess ensuring a tender flavoursome result.

MONO Foil is moisture-, odour- and grease-proof. It can withstand high heat (up to 340C) and extreme cold, so it’s ideal for everything from grilling to freezer storage.

Wrap or cover food with MONO Foil to seal in the flavour and juices when baking, roasting, reheating in the oven, or barbecuing. Cakes or roasts that are browning too quickly can be covered with MONO Foil to prevent burning.

It’s also great for parcel cooking, covering food when entertaining or separating portions before freezing. Or line oven trays, grill trays, or BBQ hotplates with MONO Foil to protect against spills and minimise clean-up.

When roasting meat, pull back foil for the last 15-20 minutes of cooking time to assist in browning.

Allow food to cool completely before covering with foil and storing in the fridge or freezer.

CAUTION: food high in salt and/or acid (e.g. lemon juice & tomato paste) may cause discoloration and holes in aluminium foil. To prevent this from occuring, lightly coat the foil with cooking oil prior to use.

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