GLAD® Snap Lock® Resealable Bags

GLAD® SNAP LOCK bags are the ideal multi-purpose food storage solution and come in a range of different sizes. GLAD SNAP LOCK bags have a specially designed 'double lock' seal - you can feel it seal as you 'pinch & slide' your fingers across the bag. The seal also changes colour when snapped closed so you know contents are secure.

  • Locks in freshness
  • Seals out air and odours
  • Yellow and Blue Makes Green® so you know its sealed tight
  • Multiple ridges make it easy to grip
  • Tall tabs make it easy to open
  • Microwave and Freezer safe
  • Stackable and space-saving

Snack size - 15cm x 9cm - ideal for fruit, crackers and nuts

Sandwich size - 18cm x 17cm - ideal for sandwiches & protecting chopped herbs and fresh produce in the fridge. This size is aircraft approved for carry-on luggage

Large Sandwich size - 20cm x 19cm - ideal for large sandwiches, rolls or buns. Includes a gusset feature giving 70% more space than non-gusseted Snap Lock Sandwich bags.

Medium Storage size - 22cm x 25cm - (large enough to store an A5 booklet) - ideal for portioning meats like chicken & mince

Large Storage size - 26cm x 38cm - (large enough to store an A4 booklet) - ideal for marinating fresh meats. Protecting bulk meats, poultry or fish from freezer burn.

BPA Free

It's BPA Free and microwave safe

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