GLAD® Press'n Seal®

GLAD® Press’n Seal® Multipurpose Sealing Wrap has a Leak-Proof & Airtight Seal to help keep food fresher for longer

GLAD Press’n Seal Multipurpose Sealing Wrap has a leak-proof & airtight seal.

With patented GRIPTEX® gripping technology, GLAD Press’n Seal Wrap actually forms a seal to itself and a variety of surfaces including: plastic, paper, wood, metal, and glass.

Just lift, pull and press on a dry surface.

It’s BPA Free and microwave safe.

BPA Free

It's BPA Free and microwave safe

Use it to:

  • Cover opened containers, tins and bowls – its strong and stackable
  • Cover and store leftover food – it even seals to wooden, metal, and plastic bowls that standard cling wrap won’t cling to
  • Cover plates and platters when transporting food – no more spills!
  • Cover food in the microwave to prevent splatters
  • Buy in bulk, then freeze food into labeled individual portions - makes defrosting frozen food easier
  • Line pantry and refrigerator shelves – no more mess!

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