GLAD® Foil Roaster Pans

Why spend time and effort scrubbing baking and roasting trays when you can use GLAD® Roaster Pans in the oven as disposable trays for family meals, or to prepare and serve food for parties and BBQ's. GLAD Rectangular Roaster Pan is ideal for roasts up to 4.8kg- they have a built in roaster rack to elevate your roast and to ensure perfect browning.

GLAD Roaster Pans are the easy way to marinate, cook and serve large roasts up to 4.8kg.

Fewer dishes to wash so they are perfect when you’re catering for a crowd.

Save yourself the hassle of scrubbing fat and marinade off the BBQ or regular cooking trays.

Fantastic on the BBQ or in the Oven, for roasting meat or vegetables, and when you’re cooking with sticky marinades and sauces.

Ideal for marinating, cooking, storing, serving and re-heating food.

Limited Edition Printed Glad Roaster Tray

Serve some style this holiday season with our limited edition printed Glad Roaster Tray. Ideal for baking Christmas ham or turkey. Serve straight from the oven to the table. Oven ready, table worthy and perfect for every occasion. Available at selected supermarkets, while stocks last.

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