GLAD® Cling Wrap Dispenser

New Zealand's number one cling wrap! Made from microwave safe polyethylene, GLAD® Cling Wrap offers superior cling and ease of handling. GLAD® Cling Wrap has a product variety for all your needs like the ultra handy GLAD Mini Cling Wrap. GLAD Mini Cling Wrap comes in a 15 metre by 20cm roll. It's ideal for covering bread and butter plates and small bowls. Using GLAD Mini Cling Wrap means less cling wrap wastage which saves time and money.

GLAD Cling Wrap plastic food wrap seals in freshness and flavour and prevents food from drying out. It also prevents the transfer of food odours in the refrigerator.

GLAD Cling Wrap is ideal for use during microwave cooking. Moisture and steam are retained so the food cooks more quickly and evenly. Do not pierce holes, to allow steam to escape, instead vent at the edge of container. When heating food with high oils & fats, sauce and acidic food, ensure the cling wrap does not come in contact with food.

Limited Edition Bonus Pack

Pre-prepare and keep it fresh, so you can enjoy more moments this Christmas!

Limited edition of Glad Wrap 30m + 10m Free bonus pack available at selected supermarkets while stocks last.

BPA Free

It's BPA Free and microwave safe

New GLAD Cling Wrap Dispenser Features:

The new Cling Wrap has 1.5X* tighter seal for longer lasting food freshness.
*up to 1.5x or 50% improvement to GLAD cling film seal

  • Cutter Bar - now re-located back under the base of the box, for easier dispensing.
  • Core Locks - tabs that lock the core of the roll to enable smoother dispensing and keeps the roll from.
  • Improved Tear Strip - an easy to use tear off strip has been added giving a clean tear off.
  • Cling Wrap Roll Back - helps you easily find and start the edge of a new roll - no more sticky starter tabs!
  • Improved Box Durability - a redesigned, thicker and easier to grip carton.
  • 'GLAD Grab' - a sticky dot that holds wrap in place for the next use.
  • End of Roll Reminder - lets you know when there is only 2m of wrap left so you don't run out.

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