Make the most of your BBQ with GLAD® BBQ Trays. GLAD BBQ Trays are especially designed for use in kettle BBQ's to catch those hard-to-clean spills. GLAD BBQ Trays are perfect on top of the barbecue hotplate as well - cook large joints of meat, seafood, vegetables, stir-frys or heat up gravy and sauces in GLAD BBQ Trays to save on BBQ clean-up and dish washing.

GLAD BBQ Trays are the easy way to cook and serve oven-roasted, marinated or barbequed food.

Fewer dishes to wash so they are perfect when you’re catering for a crowd.

Save yourself the hassle of scrubbing fat and marinade off the BBQ or regular cooking trays.

A good choice for food safety as the compact tray size makes it easier to keep different food types separate when cooking and serving.

Fantastic on the BBQ or in the Oven, for roasting meat or vegetables, and when you’re cooking with sticky marinades and sauces. They can even be used to bake cakes or lasagne.

Ideal for marinating, cooking, storing, serving and re-heating food.

Limited Edition Printed Glad BBQ Trays

Serve some style this holiday season with our limited edition printed Glad BBQ Trays. They're perfect for Summer BBQs, parties and events - you'll have fewer dishes to wash when you're catering for a crowd. Available at selected supermarkets, while stocks last.

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