CHUX® Superwipes® Cloths

  • Rinses clean
  • Fast Drying
  • Long Lasting
  • Now also in roll formats for convenient 'tear-off' cloths

CHUX® Superwipes® are made from specially designed open weave cloth. The double action holes easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed for use over and over again.

CHUX Superwipes are great for washing dishes, cleaning kitchen appliances, windows, and can be used around the bathroom, laundry and even on the car.

CHUX Superwipes are available in:

  • Original 10's - 60x30cm (Blue, Lime Green, Pink & Purple)
  • Original Handy Roll 25's - 50x22cm (Blue & Lime Green)
  • Giant 5's - 60x60cm (Blue, Lime Green, Pink & Purple)
  • Heavy Duty Handy Roll 25's - 50x22cm (Blue)

Use a different coloured cloth for different rooms to minimise the risk of cross contamination of germs.

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