CHUX® Super Strong Disposable Gloves

  • Over 50% more puncture resistant*
  • Made from Latex-Free Nitrile
  • Greater chemical and solvent resistance
  • Stronger than latex
  • Powder free gloves

CHUX® Super Strong Disposable Gloves are ideal for at home do-it-yourself tasks like painting, gardening, cleaning, and working on your car. They protect your hands from automotive chemicals and common solvents such as paints, detergents, motor oils, lubricants and kerosene**.

They are made from nitrile which is more durable then regular latex rubber disposable gloves. Being latex-free they are also ideal for people with allergies to latex.

The gloves are also a large size disposable gloves so should fit most hands.

* Puncture resistance was tested against Chux Clean Skin Latex Disposable Gloves

** User must proceed with caution when handling chemicals as variability in glove thickness, chemical concentration, temperature and length of exposure to the chemicals may affect the gloves performance

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