CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Sponge

  • Coarse Scouring Pad for tough cleaning jobs
  • Super absorbent sponge
  • Angled shape for nooks and crannies

(Now available in NEW 2 Packs so you can always have a spare in the cupboard!)

CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Sponge has a tough scouring pad to scrub dirt and grime away and a super absorbent sponge to soak up spills and wipe surfaces clean.

They are ideal for those really tough jobs in the kitchen like scrubbing off baked on food.

The unique angled shape is great for reaching into tricky corners and hard to clean areas, as well as making it comfortable to hold.

CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Sponges are packed moist and contain a safe preservative to ensure that the cellulose sponge does not dry out or crumble but rather is kept moist and free from mould.

Usage Precautions: Test on an inconspicuous area before use. Rinse thoroughly before and after use.

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